"To love one's children is to be in complete communication with them: it is to see that they have the right kind of  education that will help them to be sensitive, intelligent and integrated"

from "Education And The Significance Of Life"  by J Krishnamurti

  • ●    provide a forum for discussion about the fundamental issues in education
  • ●    encourage parents who are dissatisfied with their children's schooling to consider the option of educating their children at home
  • ●    help provide information, resources and support to those considering home educating and those involved in it
  • ●    facilitate the formation of local groups of home educators
  • ●    provide information about some alternative educational ventures in India

Please note that in so far as any organisation exists, it is non-sectarian and non-hierarchical.   The intention is that we learn together.



Offers information about K12 educational options.


We are the Yellow Train. Our  station is a sober gray building on a vast organic farm. When you walk into our campus, you will see happy children, giggling, running, screaming their heads off in play, in muddy clothes and pure souls. Then you will see a lot of space, light flitting in through our windows and amphitheatres, quiet corners and tiny tunnels. And you will see colourful posters all around - work of brushes and pens in little hands.  

But above all, you will be touched by the blissful faces of our teachers. Love for children, passionate, artistic, honest, and sincere, our teachers lead our children through the river of knowledge that runs through our school. 

Come. Join our eclectic team of 25.