Adharshila Learning Centre

Oct 2013
We are looking for people to work at the Adharshila Learning Centre. They should have interest in education and children. We want them to engage with children and also for a supervisory role. People interested in organic farming can also come as we have an organic vegetable farm which provides veges to the children’s mess. 

 Also we were wondering if you can place some of the students in Adharshila, from your fellowship program.

Adharshila Learning Centre is situated in western Madhya Pradesh. There are 150 children of which about 70 stay on the campus. They do craft, organic farming, theatre, singing, participate in agitations, go to villages around the centre, write books, document local history and folk literature. it is a very lively school. a unique feature is that the children help younger children to learn.

It runs on the fees and grain that the parents give and personal donations.

We also want to post a request for persons who have been associated with creative pursuits in life to come and work full time or part time. Honorarium negotiable.

Dear friends 

Zindabad and a very Happy Diwali. 

Once again, New Year and Christmas are approaching. The children are gearing up to make new greeting cards as part of their craft activities. Many of you who have been buying cards will say, "Not again" but we persist :-) 

Craft is vital to the Adharshila learning curriculum as we strongly believe that working with our hands and prdoucing something is a very satisfying and creative learning experience. This satisfaction and creativity is the central idea which we would like to promote in our learning programme. Besides this is also a very important educational activity and important for the development of the brain. (remember the hand played a very big role in the evolutionary development of the brain). 

It is this belief in working with the hand that keeps us at these little activities like making cards, weaving, craft, farming etc. 

We know and have been told by many that in the age of email and sms greeting cards have become redundant. 

The funds raised through the sale of cards are used for educational tours. The children just love travelling. In 2006, we visited an organic farm and an NGO working in the health field in Gujarat. Both these places were very inspiring. The children also had fun in the sea in Dandi.They went to Pavagarh and Toran maal - two hill very old hill top shrines in the Satpuras. We saw how hand made paper is made and also a leprosy patients hospital. We also visited our sister school in Kakrana on the banks of the Narmada. This village was submerged partially in the Narmada Dam. 

So once again we appeal to you, not just to help raise resources for the children's educational tour but to promote this thought and save the hand from becoming redundant. If you or anyone you know would like to wish to buy the greeting cards that our children have made, then please let us know at the earliest. 

We hope to receive your support irrespective of mainstream trends. 

Amit, Jayshree and Arjun 
on behalf of the 
Adharshila Learning Centre