Arivu Primary and Middle school

Present education system is full of information which pupils do not apply in day-to-day life. Students score good marks but they cannot apply anything. Our students become literates but not educated. Human values, affinity to nature, ideological commitments have become obsolete. Most of our forefathers were wise illiterates, talented/skilled illiterates and efficient illiterates. (Kurithodhayam kavyaprayoga parinathamathigal). However they could excel in the journey of life. But today we are producing inefficient, unwise, non-visionary literates. Present day students have more marks in their score cards but they are not able to excel in life. Our system fails to provide holistic education. Today one stops learning when he starts earning. Education (learning) is a continuous process without which life becomes stagnant. To make students/parents/elders to continue the process of learning and to provide them an opportunity to learn and to enjoy the learning of their wards, “Arivu Trust” is running a school in an innovative way. 

Working with confidence in the field of Education and culture, Arivu Educational and Cultural Trust inculcates social concern, cultural commitment, Leadership and Co-operative qualities in students through its child friendly, eco friendly education. Arivu upholds individuality and self esteem in the competitive world providing opportunity for natural learning.

“Arivu” is a school where the pivot of education is Nature. With a belief of “Nature Nurtures”, arivu provides holistic education in a natural way so that a child here learns with pleasure and without pressure. Child here learns the importance of nature and learns to respect the environment and becomes respectable. What ever may be the sphere of life children move in, they would never fail to preserve nature and they will have a tendency forever to conserve nature and humanity in turn. 

The school is situated beside Lingambudhi Bird Sanctuary amidst variety of trees in a farm house with modern educational equipments. With a motto of creating leaders and with its child centred and child oriented education the school reciprocates the child’s mind and inculcates social values. Showering love and confidence instead of threat or punishment this school makes the learning process a friendly, lovely and interesting activity. With monthly educational trips, cultural exposure programmes Arivu school explores the hidden talents of each child. 

By providing child friendly, eco-friendly education with modern methodology and by widening the horizon of logic and language, Arivu helps children learn on their own and explore the world on their own. Facilitator (teacher) here suggests pros and cons of every situation and gives a few ethical and learning standards so that learner could face the world and give a ‘face lift’ to the world. 

Arivu is not only a school but also a movement. It elevates the cultural levels of students by organising monthly cultural programmes where students are exposed to folk and classical, cultural endeavours. 

Arivu has started its journey towards excellence. It expects kids to blaze the path of life and to become pioneers. Arivu kids bloom to spread fragrance in the path wherever they tread.