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competition really means . .

Competition really means being competent 

Sports – in home-educating the child will have so much time at hand that she will be able pursue any sport or art and craft or music. There are so many other things children do which is not even possible to list. Yes, you will have to find an out of school situation for her. So far as competition is concerned, being competent is very important which is very different from being in competition with others. A child who is allowed to learn at her own pace without being made to feel bad about her inabilities and failures will automatically be a very conscientious and competent human being who can be happy and accepting about the performance of other people and be able to put in her best in any given situation. Competition actually leads to success at the cost of others. You are successful not because you have done your best, but because you have done better than the others which might still not be at par with your own potential. It also involves portraying yourself better than others by showing the shortcomings of others. I am sure we all are witness to that in various situations in our life.

by Vineeta