The Impact of the Internet on Home Education

By Prashanth

The internet has facilitated change in our lives to a great extent. For example, I feel more encouraged about pursuing home based education for my little ones, because I now know of home educators from across the globe......courtesy the internet. 

My wife was concerned about lack of libraries and knowledge centres in India which do play a vital role in our home education efforts. When one drills through the power of Google, everything is available, many of them for free. 

Well I am speaking about that 20% of what home education is all about. The balance 80% is what the kid experiences through home based education. 

So virtual learning centres are possible with the power of the internet. So in the near future, we will see many virtual initiatives, like a kid being home educated in Tiruvannamalai will be able to get a degree from Cambridge or MIT. Check out their sites, they have already started posting a lot services on their web sites. 

Some trends, I was told by a Prof here, the University of Michigan Ann Arbor is moving almost all of their brick and mortar library to the web. So I feel encouraged and motivated and strongly believe, Home Education is really best of all worlds. 

For some socialization with peers, this community of home educators in India, could network and meet for an Annual Home Educators Jamboree or Camp. 

Well here is one link that may interest us 

I would like to encourage views in this regard.