Email Group

People who are interested may care to join the mailing list, enabling them to receive the e-mail communications of the group, and participate in discussion if they wish. There are over 1000 members at the moment

The purpose of this mailing list is to enable families in India who are home educating their children, or those who are thinking of doing so, to dialogue; to discuss together the issues that are of concern to people, and to offer support to each other in various ways. 
If you subscribe to the mailing list through the web based method, you also have the option to register your name and details in a data base of local contact groups of home educating families. This is intended to facilitate support activities on the local community level.

There are two methods of joining the mailing list:
Email-Based Method

Use a subscription email (click here) and press send. 
(No message or heading required).
This is simple and you do not need a Yahoo ID.
Note, although you can send and receive messages this way you will not be able to use the web-based facilities such as - 
selecting options, joining the local contact group database, accessing the archives, etc.

Web-Based Method

If you wish to use the web-based facilities, follow these instructions:

2. Click "JOIN THIS GROUP" in the yellow box.

Then if you do not have a Yahoo ID already, you must register one.

Then you will find yourself on a site where you can, if you wish:

a.  Select your options for receiving the list messages.
b.  Choose at which e-mail address to receive these messages by clicking "add an address" (and verifying it which may take up to 24hrs). This address can be your usual email address
Finally: 3. Click "JOIN" at the bottom of the page (not the top!).

You are then a member of the mailing list, and will receive a confirming message. You could send a message introducing yourself to the group.