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Teaching Fellowship

The Teachers’ Lab

The Teachers’ Lab is an education and research initiative, under the aegis of Relief Foundation, with the primary intention of participating in and supporting teacher development.

The Teaching Fellowships offered through The Teacher’s Lab provide young adults the opportunity to couple intention with informed action. We believe that an aspiring teacher’s good intention, capacity for creativity and innovation function best when there is a solid base of
pedagogical understanding.

While the need of the hour in many schools is to improve literacy and numeracy, our objective is to prepare Teaching Fellows to meet not only that challenge but to also be sensitive, encouraging and creative adults in their students’ lives.

The three year Fellowship for teaching students upto 12 years comprises of one year of pre-service training and practice teaching in the Montessori approach. This period includes a monthly stipend.

Training will will be followed by 2 years in a classroom during which time Fellows will have experienced mentors to support them.

Teaching Fellows who want to work with the 6th-8th standard age group can opt for a one year Teaching Fellowship which includes 4 weeks of pre-service training and one year of teaching. These Fellowships are restricted to the teaching of English and teaching of Science.

We want to primarily work with individuals who have seriously thought about teaching or becoming teachers. A strong interest in a subject is an added requisite. The intake process for the Fellowships involves a test of essential skills and an interview.

Application deadlines:
Three Year Fellowship - May 10
One Year English/Science Fellowship - Apr 30 

Salient Features:
Stipend during training period
Competitive salary

For more information on the Fellowship and the application process and deadlines, please log on to http://theteacherslab.org.in/fellowship 
or contact 94444 49644, 98404 70878