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MAY 2015

 #FreedomToChildhood.  - Waldorf -Steiner

The school, christened SWaM, will follow the Waldorf- Steiner system of pedagogy and will eventually get certified through the IGCSE curricula. The School is a not-for-profit and will provide 25% admissions to the local poor and students from the underprivileged families. 

The school is nearly 30 kilometers away from Pune city and is situated in 18 acres of lush organic farm, adjacent to Garade Dam. 

We seek candidates who are passionate about the alternative teaching methodologies till Grade 3 from Kindergarten.

If Steiner qualified teachers are available it would be a great plus, otherwise anyone willing to get trained through mentors and the resources the school provides and has a passion towards teaching, is always welcome. 

Please contact Mr. Srijith @ 91 7028256439 or email for more details.

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