Online Resources
This is the information on India from Encyclopedia.
Quick facts:


History and Geography:


Test your Geography knowledge


Ancient India-read about it in Mr. Don’s pages.


Globe skills:

Locate India on the globe.
Talk about North and South Pole.
Talk about latitude, longitude
Mapping skills and lessons
Map machine

Predominant languages in India

Coloring book of Indian costumes

Physical divisions of India

Political divisions of India with respect to surrounding countries

India map and the individual states map for printing and labeling. Learn the states, capitals and the languages spoken lesson plans. Path of monsoons in Indian climate
What is monsoon and how does it affect India?

Work sheets for assorted work with lesson plans

Holidays, festivals

Religions in India

course on epics of India

Talk about the art forms, land marks, dances and music




Talk about wildlife in India
This link gives info on wildlife on different parts of India. Build small units around them if necessary.

Plants of India. different plants that grow in India.

Spices and its reactions in recipes using cooking methods
Chemical reactions of different types of tastes that is encouraged in Ayurvedic cooking

Math and physics in India

Amazing source of math and sciences in India