~ Freedom in Education ~ click here
by Vineeta 
~ Competition really means being competent ~ click here
by Vineeta 
~ Home Education and Socialisation click here  
by Vineeta 
~ Academics and Home-Educating click here  
 by Vineeta 
~ Tackling Krishnamurti Education at The Valley School ~ click here
an interview with Neetu Singh
         ~ Observations from a Concerned Mother ~ click here
by Nalini 
~ The Case against Competition ~ click here 
~ Malathi’s Teacher Training Experience with David Horsburgh ~ click here
(as told to Taleemnet in Goa ,March 2004.) by Malathi

~ A New Perspective on School Education ~  click here
(an interview with David Horsburgh) by Rosalind Wilson 
~ Home Educating - an Option for You? ~  click here
by Clive Elwell
~ Exams are No Health Tonic ~  click here
by Prof. B M Hegde
~ An Experiment with Freedom ~  click here
 by Jinan
~ The Impact of the internet on Home Education ~  click here
by Prashanth
~ Culture of Tests Stifling Joy of Learning ~  click here
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